Over the years I have explored many different Creative paths, Marketing, Advertising, Apparel,  Gaming and more. But through all of it I found one common denominator ... stories that connect with the audience. I try and do this by fundamentally changing the way I tell stories. With the growing age of technology, the narrative landscape has changed and I want to use those tools to reinvent the way we consume content.



An Executive Creative Director with proven skills creating brands, designing groundbreaking interactive experiences, core game mechanics, concepts, story and environments. Solid leadership, team building skills, leading by example, mentoring and coaching.

Recently I have been working at Interlude/eko as Executive Creative Director, developing the new Twilight Zone series for CBS, as well as my own Interactive series with SONY called EXP. I have also been working with global brands like Coca Cola, Shell, Cotton  and others to create interactive commercials and brand campaigns. Co-Founder and Creator of Exploding Kittens, which broke Kickstarter records. It was the most backed Kickstarter ever (219,382 Backers), highest funded game ever,  5th highest Kickstarter ever (raised $8,782,571).

I co-founded a company call Edoc Laundry, the first interactive clothing brand, combining my love for fashion and games. Edoc was an international clothing brand that included hidden messages and codes, to unlock content on the web. Edoc received a lot of attention, so much so that CSI-NY did a whole episode based on our clothing concept and featured it throughout the show ('Hung out to dry' was the name of that episode). What I'm most proud of with Edoc is, that we pushed the envelope on how you might perceive apparel, trying to create a dialog that can be more than just about fashion or function, and how we can combine technology and social media to enhance the brand. This took a one line discussion about a T-shirt like, 'Nice shirt dude', to an ongoing conversation and experience that lived beyond the shirt.

I was also Chief Creative Officer on Nanovor, a collectible monster game. This project was a PC game that spanned across multiple platforms and media, from a handheld device, figurines, novels, comics and an online animated series, all of which fed back into the game unlocking new features and progressing the game. This was another example of how a consumer can experience a brand beyond its core intent.